Be on mission

International Projects

What does this mean at Cana?

Cana believes the mission includes both neighbors and international places. We believe God has called every believer to be involved in expanding the gospel message to “the uttermost parts of the earth.” We do that through nationals and through local church members. We also participate with organizations that specialize in sending missionaries like the IMB.

What are Cana's international Projects?


Cana’s primary emphasis in Eastern Europe is to share the gospel message by working with local churches and pastors. We work with church youth leadership in various sports and English camps. We come along side pastors to help with leadership training and community strategy. We also look for ways to invest financially in ministry opportunities that best maximize our efforts in-country.

southeast asia

Cana works through local pastors and partners to take the message of Christ to remote parts of southeast Asia. God has provided Cana connections to a local network of pastors that speak the language and do the work. Connecting with this mission means connecting to nations already doing the work. We host pastor retreats, digital-based training times, and provide financial backing.


Reclaim London is a beachhead mission. That means that the gospel was once an active component of daily life but has now become foreign to most people in country. Cana has been working with local church partners in London since 2017 and hopes to send a missionary to the field by 2021. Short term missions and pastoral care are a key part of this mission. Theological education and financial backing are another component of the London mission effort.

operation christmas child

We partner with Samaritan's Purse in Operation Christmas Child to help spread the good news of Jesus all over the world. You can visit their website here. To learn more about our OCC Team at Cana, click here.

Local Projects and Partners

Who are some of Cana's local partners??

Harvest house

Cana partners with Harvest House to provide care and help to the underserved in Burleson.

Next Step Pregnancy Center

Cana partners with Next Step Pregnancy Center in their pursuit of life and wholeness for women and preborn babies.

Crazy 8 Ministries

Cana partners with Crazy 8 Ministries as they aid families overcoming poverty and a poverty mindset.