Resolution Blog

Check back throughout the Resolution Retreat for updates.

REMINDER: Departure from Cana at 1:30pm. We will eat pizza AFTER we load the buses. Leave your luggage near the back door of the church – gym door nearest the parking lot.

Day 1 – Settling and the Champion Ring:

When we arrived, a team of our older adults had already set the course for the Champion Ring. We played a big game – combo scavenger hunt and obstacle course. The students formed their small groups (tribes) and got familiar with their tribe leaders. We had a great first bible study session. Kevin spoke from John 6:25-33 about the need for personal faith.

I want you to know what great students you have. They have been respectful, engaged, and helpful. I’m proud of their willingness to adopt in our guest students. In every way, your students have been exemplary young adults. I look forward to the remainder of Day 2.