Resolution Blog

Check back throughout the Resolution Retreat for updates.

REMINDER: Departure from Cana at 1:30pm. We will eat pizza AFTER we load the buses. Leave your luggage near the back door of the church – gym door nearest the parking lot.

Day 1 – Settling and the Champion Ring:

When we arrived, a team of our older adults had already set the course for the Champion Ring. We played a big game – combo scavenger hunt and obstacle course. The students formed their small groups (tribes) and got familiar with their tribe leaders. We had a great first bible study session. Kevin spoke from John 6:25-33 about the need for personal faith.

I want you to know what great students you have. They have been respectful, engaged, and helpful. I’m proud of their willingness to adopt in our guest students. In every way, your students have been exemplary young adults. I look forward to the remainder of Day 2.

Visit Cana


2309 E Renfro St.
Burleson, Texas 76028


Where to Park and Enter

Guest parking is marked on the South Entrance of the church. Watch for the flags. Other signs will point you to marked parking spaces. A greeter will guide you from your car to the welcome area. We have coffee and can direct you where you are going.


Cana is always trying to make your children as safe as possible. One way we do this is by providing a safe and secure check-in system. We use Kidcheck for all of our children’s ministries as it allows us to keep track of when you child was at church, emergency contact information and even any allergies they may have.

What to Wear

There is no dress code but most people wear business casual. The pastor does not even wear a tie. 

What to Expect

Cana sings a blend of new songs and old. While we have two service times, 9:15am & 10:45am, they are identical and we are focused on exalting Christ Jesus. Preaching lasts for about 40 minutes and corporate and private prayer are a large part of that time. While you are never on the spot, we want you to sing, learn, and respond to what God may be doing. We believe Christ presides over the congregational meeting.


Test text. Our church is focused on what the Bible teaches. Messages and instruction are from the Bible. We believe Christ presides over the congregational meeting. At Cana, we love to see people doing the work of God in all capacities.

New Day 2019 News


Unified Worship begins January 13, 2019 at 9:15am.

A handful of years ago, due to space constraints, Cana went to 2 worship services. The idea was a noble attempt. However, choosing to utilize different worship styles eventually led to not just 2 services but 2 churches. The question was how to regain a sense of single-minded  church wide community. The answer is simple: Unified Worship. In the simplest sense, Unified Worship is an attempt to regain and reinforce the truth that Cana is a single body of believers with a single purpose of reaching and reclaiming the world with the gospel of Christ.

So, what does Unified Worship look like? It means moving to one Sunday School session and one worship service. This will allow Cana to reset as God moves us into the next stage of growth. In addition, it will serve to begin our move toward every member being an empowered minister and a vital part of Cana. This is where you fit in. During the shift to Unified Worship you will be asked to play your part in the body by:

  1. Being prepared and ready to worship as a single church body,
  2. Expressing your love for each other and visitors by SOS (scooting over some),
  3. Being flexible to the inevitable changes that will take place.

Personally, I believe Unified Worship will benefit us greatly. It will remind us that we are one church with one purpose centered in the work of one Lord and Saviour. To our God be all glory and honor.


We are all in this together,

Dr. Dennis Partrich

Interim Adult Ministries Director