We are servants to the Word of God, first and foremost. Cana is an independent church with historically baptist roots. We are Southern Baptist affiliated for the purpose of global missions.

We believe Scripture to be authoritative and directly from the mouth of God and, therefore, everything contained in Scripture is truthful, accurate, and life-changing (2 Tim. 3.16).

We believe all of mankind is born sinful and that the nature of man is only evil, sin entering the world through man, man being forever separated from God, dying to an eternity of Hell (Eph. 2.1-2, Matt. 15.19). Christ is the only way to a life of peace and eternity with man’s Creator whom man continually offends. Christ – who was fully man and who lived a literal sinless life, who died, defeated death, and then was resurrected – condescended his immortal being so that he may walk with, relate to and love the mortal. Christ forgave us, and now we walk in the same manner as he. (Eph. 2.4, Rom. 6.23, 1 Corin. 6.9-10, Rom. 8.2, John 3.16-17).

We believe God created mankind in his own image, and so he created mankind to operate how he intended it to within its natural order; we believe there are only two genders – male and female – and that anything outside of marriage between one man and one woman for life is in direct violation of God’s Word and is, therefore, sinful (Gen. 1.27, 1 Corin. 7.2, Heb. 13.4).

We believe men and women are created equally in the sight of God, and that all human beings have the equal opportunity to pursue Christ and grow to know him more and more, regardless of race, gender, age and background. God has designed male and female to be equal in worth yet different in particular roles. God has designed the man to lead his family, to provide and nurture, not to lord his authority over his family, but to encourage, guide, direct and love his family – exactly how God leads his Church. God has designed the woman to be the man’s helper, the weaker vessel, not in an oppressive and disdaining way, but in a powerful and complementary way that mimics the role of the Church to the service and edification of Christ (1 Pet 3.1-7, Eph. 5.22-28, Col. 3.18-19, 1 Tim. 3.11).

We stand by the Word of God in what we preach, what we teach, and how we live our daily lives. We know we are imperfect people who live in a broken world, and we do not try to hide our sin. But we believe firmly in a community of confession, and we believe that the church must be the place to defeat sin and experience true renewal as we go out into the world and make known the name of Christ. We are remade. Now we must reclaim.